_ Control over our own thinking is perhaps the most difficult task a human can attempt. There is an entire genre within the publication industry that exists because of it. In our every interaction we are being influenced by other’s intentions. Marketing messages and advertisements inundate our minds with considerations we never planned for. Experts and teachers dispense their established creeds with such certainty that we are forced to second guess our own perceived wisdom. Family and friends, who we believe likely know us best and want the best for us, recommend courses of action that present new options and further confusion. Then lines delivered on our favorite TV show, in our favorite book or through a song lyric hit us with beautifully artistic life-shaking impact that throws it all in question one more time. Who are we to listen to? Who is to be trusted? Who should we believe in?

The answer is probably no one…besides one self. The collective wisdom of all of the powers that impact and shape our own mantras in life will never be as powerful as our intuition. Instinct is too often passed upon or ignored in exchange for what we are led to feel will take us further, make us more money or earn us admiration in the eyes of others. We are consistently pausing to second-guess ourselves out of fear that someone else is right.

Often, these 'others' are complete strangers who have no inside knowledge of our personal hopes, dreams and aspirations. On a micro scale, they are inexperienced, unwilling individuals afraid to admit their own shortcomings when it comes to pursuing their dreams. Instead, they speak more, louder and in more definite tones to sound important when in reality they are ashamed of their own powerlessness. On a macro scale, they are self-interested manufacturers of cog mentality. They create concepts for hopes and dreams that benefit their own lives and then convince weak individuals to subscribe to them. It happens every day and all around us. It fuels blind consumerism. It funds big politics. It drives the division of class. Worst of all, such thinking is based on old-fashioned principles that have no place in the modern world. Again, it is about systems that have been cemented into society for decades and we continue to let ourselves fall victim to.

I founded C2Bseen from a desire to take my own thinking about entrepreneurship and branding and share it with others that might be too hesitant or confused to take a chance at pursing their passions. In that time, I have cultivated highly personal relationships with clients that understand my goal is not to force them into a business that they are not proud of, but to guide them to see their vision realized and ensure that it has the best possible chance of meeting their goals.

This morning I caught a fantastic clip of cultural and marketing mega-mind Seth Godin on CBC Television's ‘The Hour’ with host George Strombo (Stromboulopoulos) in which he was asked about the changing economic world in 2012. To my great pleasure, he reiterated many of the points I made in my last blog post regarding the rise of specialized boutique business. Seth agreed that now, in the midst of recession, is the time for entrepreneurs to take chances and to come to the marketplace with fresh ideas that challenge the way everyone else is thinking. He goes on to encourage young people to take an idea and run with it, without compromising their plan to fit any system.

It would be an incredible honor to sit down with a man of Seth’s prowess. The man certainly speaks with a great deal of economic and entrepreneurial understanding. Then again, he is just another man with a set of opinions based on personal experience. He can advise you forever on what to do to make your aspirations into reality, as can I. It’s up to you to bring your ideas into action. You have to be the change you want to see, as the saying goes.

What leaders like Seth and me seek to do is to help guide you without manipulating to you. It sounds strange coming from a marketer who has been taught the old hat tricks of manipulation as scripture. However, there really are some of us out here that believe in a better economic future that is fair to both consumers and producers. Some of us feel strongly about the importance of quality products and services that promote better lives and those of us that do, want to see the entrepreneurs that can bring those products and services to the market succeed. This is what I like to call socially responsible consulting and it is what I am extremely proud to be practicing at C2Bseen.