I often spend precious minutes in my day wishing there was someone to take a project or admin task off of my always over-flowing plate of responsibility. We all know that being an entrepreneur means accepting the hours, demands and surprises that come with running a business. As a consultant, this can mean taking on even more of those extra time wasters personally. However, delegation is possibly the greatest tactic we have available to us in order to save our most important commodities: time & energy.

Until recently I assumed that delegation also required other people or subordinates. It is awfully difficult to move something off your plate if there isn’t another plate at the table. Usually in that scenario, the task just falls onto the floor, gets stuck to the bottom of a shoe and ends up as a weird stain somewhere on a sidewalk a few blocks away.

I have been searching for a C2Bseen intern for a few weeks now and come across some real gems (sarcasm). It could be that my personal dedication to professionalism clouds my ability to admit that not everyone wants to work quite as hard as I do, but I am starting to think that this generation of young people is simply ill-equipped for the workplace. The interviews and responses I have received have lacked enthusiasm, direction and understanding of what it really takes to inspire an employer to grant you an opportunity. Since my search has yet to yield a proper candidate, I am now examining other ways to delegate, outsource and run C2Bseen as efficiently as possible as we rapidly grow.

One incredible discovery I made was New York City’s Small Business Services division, which offers incredible classes and programs to help entrepreneurs start and cultivate efficient businesses. Perhaps coolest of all, Mayor Bloomberg’s commitment to growth in the sector means that the programs are well-funded and usually free.

Take for example the FastTrac New Venture course created by The Kauffman Foundation. I was fortunate to apply to this incredible program and be accepted for their April session. It  has led me to better understand my own business model, observe and interact with my customer base (other entrepreneurs) first hand and evaluate a potential new service offering to decide if it is viable for the marketplace. Furthermore, it has exposed me to resources I was unfamiliar with; my favorite being access to incredibly expensive research databases at no cost in the Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL) on 34th street.

Classmates from the FastTrac program have already become clients and vendors of C2Bseen. Others now serve as soundboards or collaborators in sharing paid resources (such as web, accounting and legal services). The databases at SIBL have helped to drastically reduce the time needed to conduct accurate research for our clients too. Incredibly, access to a network of over 2,000 other graduates of the course is also available to us upon our course completion. In just this one complimentary city program I have unearthed an amazing list of cost-cutting, efficiency generating benefits.

Why this is relevant to you is in the underlying message learned from my process. There are an infinite number of resources and creative ways to make your life as a business owner easier. Entrepreneurship does not have to consume all of you and you don’t always need to hire another set of hands. By forming partnerships, accessing free resources and establishing a broad network of connections you are positioning yourself to run a lean profit-making venture.